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Named after a charming town south of Paris, Barbizon started in 1974 as a brand of hosiery.
Before long, Barbizon grew into a full line of ladies inner wear catering to the Filipina of the
Women’s roles have evolved just as fashion trends changed through the years, and
Barbizon has been there every step of the way.
Barbizon intimate apparel has always been recognized for four chief attributes: style,
comfort, durability, and price.
It combines everyday wear with the designs that keep the Barbizon woman up-to-date with
the latest fashion trends while providing the best possible quality at a reasonable price.

Barbizon Girl

Barbizon Girl is Barbizon’s brand extension specially made for teenage girls.
Consisting of fun and colorful designs, Barbizon Girl bras are perfect to wear to school and
for other activities that are an integral part of a teen’s lifestyle.
Made of the most comfortable material, teens can be sure that wearing Barbizon Girl bras will keep them
cool, properly supported, and oh so fashionable!

Li'l Barbizon Girl

Li’l Barbizon Girl is the perfect first bra for preteen girls.
From non padded to lightly padded baby bras, Li’l Barbizon Girl baby bras are the beginning of a beautiful
relationship between a young girl, her bra, and Barbizon.